Relationship Jokes - Grandads death


Joke Category: Relationship Jokes

Mary went to see her Granny to see how she was coping. Grandad had been buried only the previous week and Mary was checking up on the old girl.

Both sat down with a cuppa and Mary asked "So how exactly did Grandad die?"

"Well it was the Sunday before last and we were having sex," says Gran.

"Having sex!!??" exclaimed Mary. "Surely that was a bit risky! After all, Grandad was 93!"

"Not at all," replied Gran, "we used to do it every Sunday morning. In fact, we used to time ourselves by the church bells ringing - in with the dings and out with the dongs!!" Gran suddenly looked sad and said, "and if it wasn't for that bloody ice cream van going by, he'd still be here today!!"