Jokes - cold phone call

Suppandi: master, please come fast. your tea is getting cold.

After the guests had left,

master: suppandi, i have warned you so many times that you shouldn't call me for tea in front of my should not repeat this mistake for next time.
suppandi: but master, what is the problem for your guests if you drink your own tea?
master: suppandi, it will look odd, because i alone should not consume the tea without offering it to them too.
suppandi: then master, should i bring tea for all of your guests the next time?
master: no suppandi, it costs a lot. next time alert me to drink tea seperately by saying that there is a phone call for me.
suppandi: yes master, as you wish!

Then next morning, guests arrived.

suppandi: master, there is a phone call for you.

But his master was busy talking with the guests.

suppandi: master, please come fast. your phone call is getting cold.