Jokes - violin

So one day, John's violin cords snapped. So off he went to the music store to get him some more.

On his way he passed a street fiddler who played the most beautiful piece of music on only one string. "ONE STRING!!" he thought, asking the man how he is able to play any melody on just one string.

"Well" said the fiddler, "I use the fore skin of an ox."

"Where can I get me one?" he then asked.

"At the butcher" said the fiddler.

So off he went to the butcher. "Do you have any ox fore skins?"

The butcher looked at him strangely. "What do you want it for?"

"To play my violin, that is! Just check if you have one in stock!" said the man.

So the butcher came back, "Sorry Sir, but we are all sold out on ox fore skins, but here is a cow pussy. Now you can practice harmonica while you wait."