Jokes - Rich and Poor Man's Wedding Anniversary

There were two people; a rich man and a poor man, and today was their wives' anniversaries. They rendezvous'd outside Madison Square Garden for a little talk. The poor man asked the rich man, "What did you buy your wife for your anniversary?"

The rich man says, "I bought my wife a diamond ring and a Mercedes." "Why did you buy those?" asked the poor man, to which the response was, "If she doesn't like the ring, at least she can take a drive in her new Mercedes."

The rich man asked the poor man what the latter bought his wife for their anniversary, to which the poor man replied, "I bought my wife a pair of slippers and a plastic dildo." The rich man inquires as to why the poor man would do such a thing, to which the poor man replies, "If she doesn't like the slippers, then she can go **** herself!"