Jokes - Sex Club

A man hasn't had sex for years and he's fustrated so he tells his mate he hasn't had sex and he can't get a woman, and his mates says, I know there's a place and you can go for a fiver and you can have sex, so the man decides to go to the sex club and pays his fiver, searches around and he can't see any sexy women, looks and looks for an hour, still no women

all the doors are locked and then he comes across a door thats open, walks into this big black room, all was what was in there was two ducks on a stage with spot lights on them, so I thought I've payed my fiver, here goes, picks the one duck up and has sex with it picks the other one up and has sex with that, and then he leaves feeling let down, next day at work he tells his mate, couldn't find any sexy ladies when he went to the club, and he says, give it another try this time pay a tenner,

so a week later he tries to give it a go, turns up on the door, turns up at the sex club pays a tenner and goes in, tries a door its open and goes in and there was this line of people of men and women looking through these spy holes, walks in and asks them what they are doing and one chap says come up here and have a look, and when the man looked through the spy hole there was two beautiful lesbians having sex and the man says wow this is fantastic, this is great, and the other chap says, you should of been here last week there was a bloke having sex with two ducks.