Jokes - Strolling on the beach

A man was walking along the beach when he sees a blonde woman up ahead. Feeling horny he decides to go over and try his luck. When he get's there he sees that it is a mermiad sunbathing. He sits next to her and says 'exuse me, but have you ever been kissed before?' 'No' she replied. 'Can I kiss you then?'

'Yes' she said pukkering up. after a while he pulls away and says 'Have you ever had your breast felt before?' 'No' she said. 'Can I touch them?' 'yes' she said taking her bikini top off. After giving them a good grope he says 'Have you ever been f**ked before?' 'No she says looking really exited. 'Well you are now' he replies 'The tides just gone out.