Religious Jokes - Be a monk


Joke Category: Religious Jokes

A bloke went to a monastery wanting to sign up to become a monk. He was interviewed by the enrolment officer who told him that it was not that simple and that he would have to pass some tests to be sure he was suitable.

The bloke agreed and was shown to a cell where he was locked up for 1 year with only a slice of bread and a glass of water.

After the year passed the officer spoke to the bloke and asked if he still wanted to become a monk and the bloke replied yes he did. He was then given 3 slices of bread and 3 glasses of water and locked up for a further 3 years.

This ritual went on for a further 10 years .
The officer returned to the bloke after the 14 year isolation and informed the bloke that he has passed the tests with flying colours and would now be accepted for training as a monk.

The bloke replies "to feck with this I've changed my mind".